The mechanisms in the brain that enable use of language

Description: The purpose of the final paper is for you, the students, to take one aspect of linguistics and explore it in more detail. We are covering quite a bit of materials in this class at a very quick pace, and the idea is that you would go beyond what we have done in class. It is fine, as well, if you choose something that we did not cover in class as long as it was related to language. Some details: It is supposed to be a research paper and so you are expected to base your paper on some details and ideas that you find in sources. Sources can include books, magazines, journal articles, and the Internet, as long as you try your best to use trustworthy Internet sources. Of course, you can include your own ideas and opinions in your paper, but it should not read as one long opinion paper. You should include facts, ideas, research findings, etc. that you gain from outside materials. Number and usage of sources: I am not looking for this to be a huge project, but I am expecting you to use at least 3 sources. Even it is a reliable source, just using one does not ensure that you will be getting a well-rounded perspective on your topic. So, I expect to see at least 3 sources (of course, you can use more than 3).

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