The New Green; Environmental Issues custom essay

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With the current global media circuits and the immediacy of information pouring in through the internet, email, and smart phones, we are more aware then ever of the ecological consequences of natural and anthropogenic disasters. In recent years we have been presented with the consequences of engineering design in Hurricane Katrina; drought and irrigation needs in the U.S. west; an oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico after the loss of the Deepwater Horizon drilling platform; the implications of urban living in the earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand; and the double implications of living in an active earthquake zone and following tsunami in Japan involving massive loss of human life and radiation exposure. And, on a more national or local scale we have heard about solar farms replacing desert habitat in the southwest, implications of an offshore windfarm on Cape Cod . . . What other situation have you heard about involving the ecological consequences of natural or anthropogenic activities?
After reviewing readings in the final chapter of the text, what are the ethical challenges of the ecological consequences of these incidents? Select one incident or situation. Explain it to the class, and then present your well-developed thoughts on the topic. Which of this weeks readings support or contradict your thoughts. Explain why. Think back on some of the topics we have discussed or that the readings highlighted. Do you see connections between the more theoretical foundations of the course and real-world applications?

Be sure to properly cite all reference resources used to build your posts, to include course assigned readings and outside research as appropriate. Follow APA style for all assignments throughout this course.
Suggested reading;
Rees, W.E. (1987). Sustainable Development: Economic Myths and Global Realities. In L.P. Pojman, and P. Pojman (eds), Environmental ethics: Readings in theory and application, 6th ed., Boston, MA: Wadsworth, Inc., 661-668.

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