The New Heat on Ford- Case Analysis Custom Essay

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Read the following Businessweek article: Please also review the attached power points to use in preparing case analysis Prepare A CASE ANALYSIS that answers the following questions as they pertain to the chapters in our textbook (will provide powerpoints that highlight the subject matter covered). Please answer these questions in the Implementation and Recommendation section of the Case Analysis. 1. Identify the main conditions at Ford described in this case study that seem to have generated dysfunctional conflict. 2. What has Mulally done to reduce or remove these sources of conflict? In what ways has he encouraged or created more conflict? 3. The opening paragraphs of this case study describe a conflict incident involving Consumer Reports staff and two senior Ford engineers. Discuss this incident in terms of the conflict model. Was Mulally’s intervention in this incident a good idea? The following is the format the case analysis should follow: Headers: a. Title page b. Situation c. Key Issues d. Problem e. Alternative solutions f. Selected solution g.Implementation/Recommendation (**Hint: most of time the case questions can be answered within this section or you may choose to add an extra header titled Case Questions.) h. Reference page PLEAE CONTACT ME IF YOU NEED FURTHER CLARIFICATION I WILL INCLUDE AN EXAMPLE CASE STUDY THAT WAS DONE FOR THE SAME CLASS TO GET AN IDEA OF FORMAT AND TONE

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