The relationship between me and social media

Requirement: In 5-8 page essay, describe your relationship with social media, how often are you on twitter or facebook, when and why did you choose to participate, what do you enjoy about social media?describe the most significant experience you have with social media. Analyze the benifits and the cost and what your participation says about you. Follow the guideline below to write the essay, if you need more details, please use your experience and imagination to write it. Thank you. Guideline Intro: Technology change our life..etc Body: 1st Paragraph: How you start to use social media: Facebook; everybody use it like a fashion as one could use it to find some friend that you lost contact. Twitter and Instagram among others. The most important reason to use social media is to stay contact with friend. 2nd paragraph: What one likes about social media: stay contact with friend. Share thing with many people at once, could receive updates from friends and see comments, could keep up with news, getting information and feedback 3nd paragraph: the most significant experience about using social media is, to help one of my fathers friend to find his daughter, who leave him due to the divorce and come to American with her mother since 1999. Through Facebook, found her and contact her to get information, then he fly to her city to see her. 4th paragraph: what I do not like about social media – Privacy, what we said on Facebook is undeletable, and the use us to analyze the behavior and sell advertisement – Bad habit- spend too much time on them – Social pressure, everyone is showing the best side to their life, I do the some, but it make me tired. Like Photoshop every picture I post, rethink every time to post a states etc. – Do not like people knowing about me only because my homepage, I hope they could know be through hanging out, Thus because above reasons, I become a passive user to a active user. Conclusion: Social media is become an important part to my life, but now I hope I could use it as only a tool to communicate with other, but control by it.

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