The Rising of The moon

Find 1 quote on this play that you think explains . The paper should contain 3 – 4 paragraphs. One page only. 5 sentences each paragraph. THESE ARE THE INSTRUCTIONS. 1. TOPIC SENTENCE?The first sentence of each paragraph should connect the point of the paragraph to the thesis or its stage of development in the essay. 2. QUOTE INTRODUCTION?I see three parts to this simple sentence structure: 1. last name of the writer, 2. a verb, and 3. the topic of the quote. Some teachers ask that for the first time you reference a writer, include the first name. I only ask you include the first name if your Works Cited page has two writers with the same last name. Many verbs are useful to help you identify your attitude towards the quote. Two neutral verbs that are most useful are “states that and “discusses; please do not be afraid to overuse these. The most crucial element of this sentence for me is the topic of the quote. Most students do not include a brief set-up for their reader. Most professional writers do. 3. DIRECT QUOTE: I ask students to only quote one sentence at a time. This limit allows you to focus in on what you think should be learned from the quote instead of letting the quote communicate for you. MLA style dictates that, since you have already identified the writer, you need only now indicate the page number (unless there are multiple works from the same writer in your bibliography, then the title of the work has to be indicated). An example of this MLA style is present in the opening paragraph of this handout. 4. PARAPHRASE: Recast the quote into your own words to allow the reader to know what you think the quote means. Longer quotes tend to need to be restated more concisely while shorter quotes allow you to elaborate. In each case, accuracy to the quote is paramount. Here’s a sentence stem can help get you into a paraphrase: “This quote means that. Just finish the phrase and you will have your paraphrase. Often, you will want to eliminate the sentence stem after completing the sentence. I prefer that you do, in fact. 5. INTERPRETATION?Two to four sentences should explain why this quote adds meaning to the writer’s argument. There are many methods of interpretation and, as you progress through college, you will notice that your major discipline will focus you towards developing strategies in that discipline; so, in order to provide a few examples of what I mean here, lawyers learn to interpret legally, doctors learn to define diagnoses, architects think structurally. For a beginner, a sentence stem for interpreting can be, “I agree/disagree with this quote because. Another choice could be, “This quote supports my thesis because; again, this sentence stem is preferably eliminated once you have composed your main point for this part of the paragraph. HERE a link to the play The Rising of the Moon by Lady Gregory. *Pick one quote from the play that explains why the Man thinks the Sargent would not arrest him.

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