The Snowy Day by Ezra jack keats 2nd Grade Specail Ed class Reading Mini-Lesson plan custom essay

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Please write exactly according to FORMAT UPLOADED and please do NOT include any internet source.

Prepare and present a motivational mini-lesson for a second grade special education class on “The Snowy Day” by Ezra Jack Keats. (Book uploaded in documents section.) The lesson will be based on your selection of student’s needs and or deficiencies that need to be addressed. The plan must contain methodologies for the strategies you wish to stress. Components of instruction included could be comprehension and retelling story in sequence which will depend on the need of your students. Specify instructional materials to be utilized, delivery of instruction, style of grouping for independent work and method(s) of tracking student mastery of instructional objectives.

Once again, please note that format of the Lesson Plan is uploaded please write exactly according to that format.

Prepare and design a student assessment based on your reading mini-lesson. Included could be: a graphic organizer, an extended response, and multiple choice questions. Each section will highlight a specific strategy with evidence or examples from the lesson to support comprehension. Presentation should reflect a style formatted for specified modified criteria and/or adapted for special needs learners.

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