The strategief of Exit, Voice and Loyalty in a wealth managment company custom essay

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This is the assignment written in the syllabus:

Students will write one 5-8 page empirical case study which illustrates a real world example of the theory developed by Hirschman (1970).’ Students will have to read the argument in each text and then develop an empirical case study that corresponds to the dynamics formulated by the authors. The case study may be taken from any arena where economic incentives affect decision making and the results are evident in some aspect of social organization. Papers will be graded on the basis of their clarity and the degree to which the student has understood theoretical and empirical implications of the each author’s basic ideas.

I decide to analyze a wealth management company the strategies adopted by its clients of exit, voice and loyalty described in the book by Hirschman “Exit, Voice, and Loyalty responses to decline in firms, organizations, and states”. However, the main important role of the paper is to described the wealth management company in a period of recession (I choose the 2011 and 2012) due to its investments (I have to show graphs illustrating how the company was losing money throughout 2011 and 2012, its losses are due to the money the company has invested on the markets. Since the company also earns money from the fees applied to each asset it manages for the clients, due to the recession the clients are not earning money hence the company is not having any profit) and explains how the wealth management company changed strategies according to what was happening and how it dealt to stop the decline. I also have to focus on how the clients used these strategies (exit, voice and loyalty) during this downturn period and how these have affected the company. It is also important to devote some thought on the effect of the optimal mix between exit, voice and loyalty in the company I am analyzing.
Since, I already did a very short presentation about this topic I decided to attach this presentation here, I need also to tell you that the wealth management company I am analyzing is pure invented hence the data you need for graphs etc. is up to you following this preliminary data I have written under since I already presented them.

Number of clients=120; Client who used the strategy of exit=1; clients who used the strategy of voice=35; clients who used the strategy of loyalty=84. Total money managed: 700 millions of Euros. Market in which they operate: Foreign Exchange (especially EUR/USD and EUR/JPY, and the company has a good attitude on the EURO area, they believe in the euro) and Bonds. Structure of the company: One owner and two employees.

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