The title is ; management development at Shockers(name of company in electrical energy industry).as case study Custom Essay

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Page Description: The programme:
The management development programme included the following element;
– Supervisory essentials.
– A leadership event.
– Peer partnerships.
Assignment Task;
a- Critically evaluate the extent to which you believe that this programme will benefit the management population.
b- In your opinion, using relevant references where appropriate, how will shockers be able to assess whether or not the management development has been successful?
c- Make recommendations of how the development programme could be enhanced further.

Extra Requirement: 1-Harrison, Rosemary (2005). Learning and development. 5th ed. London: Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development.
2- Mullins, Laurie (2007). Management and Organisational Behaviour . 8th ed. Harlow: Pearson Education Limited.
3- Armstrong, Michael (2009). Armstrong\’s Handbook of Human Resource Management Practice. 11th ed.
4- Marchington, Mick and Wilkinson, Adrian (2009) Human Resource Management At Work, peopole management and development.

Suggestion Sources: He or She can use other books, journals, websites, in learning and development or human resource developmnet subject as long as i can get access to them. and british sources as possible.

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