The Truth and Reconciliation Commission. The Politics of Justice in Post Apartheid South Africa. custom essay

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1. The proposal not more than 5 000 words

2. Embedding justice in the discourse ? ie. Rather than forgiveness ? work with the concept/notion that forgiveness was necessary but not sufficient ? philosophical argument . Citizenship and legal systems
3 . John Pratt, Punishment in a perfect society : the New Zealand penal system, 1840-1939 (M?ori and citizenship/reciprocity) ? a possible piece to be included in the lit review

4. Ideas for theoretical background of thesis
International development
Political philosophy
Political science

5. Compare the Report of the Truth and Reconciliation with perceptions of Justice.
What it just? (eg Thomas Brudholm)
Material on minorities and how they were treated?
Questions ? what does justice really mean? Did T and R bring about justice?

Principle of equality

Tasks to do ?
New Title:

Change title to – The Truth and Reconciliation Commission. The Politics of Justice in Post Apartheid South Africa.

New Aims: (refine/ rework the aims a little more with this as its bases it is a little clumsy specially the second one)

? This study will analyse what was achieved by the T & R commission
Whether justice was achieved for all citizens in Sth A through the T & R Commission
? That justice rather than forgiveness leads to/creates a more just justice society post mass atrocities ? it lay the bases the legal standard by which issues will be address for all citizens.

What alternative approaches might have been considered based on experiences overseas? What does the lit say are TRCs post mass political violence create a more equal and justice society

Was it more like a bandage for short term to prevent civil war?
(Develop this argument further in the proposal)

Possible outline
Define justice, Key reading: A Theory of Justice by John Rauls, Aristotle , modern philosophical ideas, Reinhold Niebuhr, “Man’s capacity for justice makes democracy possible; but man’s inclination to injustice makes democracy necessary.”

Many families wanted justice and not forgiveness in South Africa- Steve Biko?s family explore how that is seen and dealt with
Very important discuss these clearly in the proposal
Rewrite Methodology
? Theoretical thesis.
? Textual analysis
? Document analysis ? eg. Analysis of the T & R Commission Report
? Query on word justice and how often it comes through
What did Truth and Reconciliation achieve?
Forgiveness (ie. Leave this part in the thesis) necessary but was it sufficient to achieve justice?
Equality for whom?
Justice ? active citizenship discuss this vs truth and reconciliation
Rewrite proposal as succinctly as possible
Literature review to include Antonio Gramsci, Chomsky (manufacturing consent), Jim Ife ? democracy justice and citizenship

? Delete section that is not useful or needed in the proposal.
? Ensure that you include any new material in the lit review and the bibliography/referecing(APA style)

the new information must be discussed in detail in the lit review and be added to the reference list pls

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