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Paper #2 Assignment The first draft of this paper, together with your revision in response to my comments, will comprise 20% of your final course grade. This paper should be three to four typed, double-spaced pages. It is due on October 21. Please bring two extra copies for peer editing on that day. You have a choice of two options for this prompt. Option #1 ¨C Go to the library and look through some art books, or take to the Internet. Select a painting which interests you, and spend as much time as possible studying it. Make a xerox of it, and write about it using a concept or theme from Ways of Seeing. Any of the major ideas covered in the book (sexism in art, the function of the still life, its status as a reproduction of an original, etc.) are acceptable jumping-off points. Make an argument about whether Berger¡¯s ideas apply to the painting you¡¯ve selected, or whether Berger would find this piece to be an exception to the rule. Or, you could argue that the work you¡¯ve selected goes beyond his categories. In any case, you should cite specific passages from Berger, and analyze the painting as part of an argument with or against Berger. (And yes, it¡¯s okay if you sort of agree, sort of disagree!) Option #2 ¨C Paying close attention to the arguments in Berger, especially chapter seven, select a print advertisement and analyze it. Does it refer to the still life? How do text and image interact? What kind of ¡°lifestyle¡± is it selling? What kinds of cultural knowledge does it presume? What does the ad assume about gender, race, and class? These are just a few of the things your essay can explore. The main point of the assignment is to describe the advertisement as an argument, and provide an analysis of how it attempts to persuade its audience. Specific citations to Berger¡¯s text (chapter seven, or any other pertinent part) will strengthen your argument. This essay is mostly about the book ” The Way of Seeing” from John Berger, please briefly read the book and choose one of the opions above. when you finish writing the paper, please tell me which opion you chose. Thank you.

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