thematic analysis custom essay

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write 8 theme and analyse it base on result on assessment:

Theme 1 including: high for my creativity and innovation skill( result from in

terview); take entrepreneur creativity as priority in career and try to work in creative environment( ideal job)

Theme 2 including: score highest in autonomy and independent ( career anchor); wanna choose work environment base on interest ( work value); I used to sit alone to work and really focus while doing things(base on interview)

Theme 3 including: Career choice influenced by parents( autobiography); high listening skill and empathy ( interview); spend more time for family, which can be known as home and leisure time ( Working inventory)

Theme 4 including: fear of negative feedback (self valuation); low score in challenge ( career anchor); low score in thoroughness and follow through (interview)

THeme 5 including: internal locus of control ( locus of control); high agreeable (Big 5 ); awareness about the balance between study and life ( interview)

THeme 6 including: information searching skill ( ideal job); interested in communicate (autobiography); high score in social network (career anchor)

THeme 7 including: I will be successful if I can work in theater, entertainment or hospitality( ideal work); Artist as the highest score ( Holland vocation); high score in planning( self efficacy)

THeme 8 including: I have worked as a customer service staff in KFC and be owner of online shop( autobiography); want to get high income ( ideal work); value present hedonistic time perspective ( time perspective)

I will give you the link of 2 good example of themes and also the example of good theme heading so you can have a look to edit or rewrite it for me

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