third wave in Business process management A new path to business process management Academic Essay

Dear writer, The requirement is to have an article review of the attached article fileThe final report should consist of the following parts:1SUMMARY(170200words) Provide a summary in your own words on the article and analyze the key points covered.Please attempt to write this after you have completed all other sections .( Dont forget also to mention , The name of thearticle,Who wrote this article,What year this article is written,What is the subject of this article ,What this article is talking about)2KEYLEARNING POINTS(170200words) Identify the key learning points (46bolt pints to be written )in the read andanalyze assigned activity. Specially What words, phrases, kept repeating in this article?3RELEVANTSTATEMENTS TO THE SESSION (100 words) While you reading, identify the relevant statements to thesession and insert them in order in the following space4CRITICALANALYSIS (350 400 words) This is the most important section in your analysis. To complete it successfully,you should consider the following guiding steps:A(175200words ) Present arguments coherently, supported by evidence and facts to substantiate on why you may take aparticular stance and/ or position towards a particular approach whether against or in support of it??B(175200words ) Capable of bridging the gap between the theory and conceptual work with the application underconsideration.Also (Do you understand the article? why? why not?Are you familiar with the ideas presented?Are you happy/unhappy withwhat you have read? Why?)5PRACTICALIMPLICATIONS (150 words) How could you apply the subject matter from the article in a real business case?also (Does this apply ? In what sense? Is it not applicable? In what sense? In practice does it work PLACE THIS ORDER OR A SIMILAR ORDER WITH US TODAY AND GET AN AMAZING DISCOUNT

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