this is a 500 word essay on describe and critique cultural competency

500 word essay on Describe and critique cultural competency. please use references from some of these references Bhui, K., Stansfield, S., Hull, S., Mole, F., & Feder, G. (2003) Ethnic variations in pathways to specialist mental health services in the UK: a systematic review. British Journal of Psychiatry, 182, 105-116 Campinha-Bacote, J. (2011). Delivering Patient-Centered Care in the Midst of A Cultural Conflict: The Role of Cultural Competence. The Online Journal of Issue in Nursing, 16(2), Manuscript 5. Carone, D. A., Barone, D. F. (2001). A social cognitive perspective on religious beliefs: Their functions & impact on coping & psychotherapy. Clinical Psychology Review, 21, 989-1003 Coleman, HLK. (1999) Strategies for coping with cultural diversity. The Counselling Psychologist, 23, 722-740 Hays, P. A. & Iwamasa, G. Y. (2006) Culturally Responsive Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy: Assessment, Practice, & Supervision. American Psychological Association, Washington, DC Lopez, S. (1997). Cultural competence in psychotherapy: a guide for clinicians & their supervisors. In C. E. Watkins (Ed) Handbook of psychotherapy supervision. New York. John Wiley & Sons. Nardirshaw, Z. (2009) A Race Against Time: Issues of Diversity, “Race” and Culture in Psychology. Presentation at Annual PSI Conference November 2009. NIME (2003). Cases for Change; Anti-discriminatory Practice. In NIME Cases for Change: A review of the foundations of mental health policy & practice 1997-2002. London. Department of Health. NIME (2003) Inside Outside.. Improving mental health services for Black and Minority Ethnic Communities in England. Leeds: NIMHE Patel, N., Bennett, E., Dennis, M., Dosanjh, N., Mahtani, A., Miler, A., & Nadirshaw, Z. (2000). Clinical Psychology, race’ & Culture: a training manual. Leicester: BPS Books. Palmer, S. (2002). Multicultural counselling: A reader. London. Sage. Thompson, N. (2001). Anti-discriminatory practice. London. Palgrave

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