This is a continuation of your Unit 5 A

This is a continuation of your Unit 5 Assignment. Drawing upon the theory you chose for your presentation, you are to compose an APA-formatted paper addressing the following questions: – In what way(s) can you identify with this style? How do you differ? – Name an organization that has adopted this style and describe whether it was successful. (Your textbook could help you with this.) – Consider the following scenario and apply your management style to it. How would you act in your chosen management style? You are the director of Tri-County Home Health Agency and, due to financial reasons, you are to implement an RIF (reduction in force), also known as a lay-off. How will you decide which jobs will have to be eliminated, who will be in on the decision-making process, and how will you notify employees about your decisions? course textbook: Title:Haimann’s Healthcare Management, 9th ed Author:Dunn, R ISBN 13: 978-1-56793-358-1 Publisher:Health Administration Press

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