This statement just needs a reply to A m European History

This statement just needs a reply to A matrix organizational structure, an organization combines the best elements of both the functional and divisional organizational structure types into one. Divisional organizational structure is where organizations divide themselves up by the products they might be working on. Functional organizational structure is where an organization separates themselves into different departments that are dedicated to a single function such as sales, IT, or accounting. From reading and understanding what each means I have determined even though the Divisional structure seems to be where I have worked in before; I would much rather work in the setting of a Matrix structured organization. Because with in this structure you are able to communicate freely with the company and be able to work on the product or project that I am more knowledgable in as well as others. This will help move productivity within the company as well as help to maximize each projects quality and efficency because everyone has a job to do and they are experienced with said job description.

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