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Please read the attached case on The Timken Company, and write a six page paper answering the following questions: (please make sure you answer the questions in detailed and understanding matter) 1) Characterize the globalization potential (using Yip?s framework) of the ball and roller bearings industry. (20 points) 2) Considering its value chain activities (Design/R&D, inputs, manufacturing, distribution and marketing/sales), how would you characterize Timken?s main competitive advantages? (15 points)? 3. (a) Considering the Integration Responsiveness Framework, describe Timken?s strategy (not including any potential acquisition of Rulmenti Grei). (10 points) (b) Given what you have described in questions 1 and 2, does the company?s strategy make sense to you (10 points)? 4. (a) What are the pros and cons of the investment opportunity in Romania? (An analysis based on the de la Torre and Neckar country and project risk framework is useful here.) (20 points) Given your analysis, what conditions would you seek to secure when framing your proposal to the Romanian government? (10 points) 5. (a) Do you think this investment opportunity fits with or extends Timken?s core competencies? (5 points) (b) Would you recommend that Timken go ahead with this investment? Why or why not? (10 points) To Writer: please do your best work!………………………..

The questions are based on the following attached files: Case: Timken in Romania, Additional Information on Ball and Roller Bearings Industry, Economist country information on Romania.

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