Toni Morrison Beloved Quotation and Analysis Essay

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This two-page paper will be a “close reading” of a passage from Toni Morrison’s Beloved. You will select a fairly brief passage (1-3 sentences) from Part I of the novel, and analyze it. Explain your interpretation of the passage and give evidence to support your reading.
The quotation you select is important, as it must be rich enough to sustain your in-depth analysis. Don’t pick a statement that is immediately obvious or one-dimensional. This is a good chance to engage with a difficult point in the text and try to tease out its significance.
Closely analyze the language Morrison uses and try to understand the connotations of any difficult or ambiguous words. You might first try paraphrasing it in your own words to get at the writer’s meaning.
After explaining your interpretation of the passage’s meaning, consider how the quotation fits in with the essay as a whole. How does it support the writer’s argument? Also consider how the passage might work in other contexts.

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