Topic: Metaphysics This is Research Pap

Topic: Metaphysics This is Research Paper There should be an outline The paper should be five pages long with a bibliography and Source page I. Introduction Thesis Statement (This is a statement you make, which is the central idea of your topic. What is that profound statement that you wish to make regarding the subject of metaphysics? Sometimes this is the first sentence in the introduction, but it can also be the last sentence in the introduction. The thesis statement might be something about how metaphysics helps us, even Christians, to understand principles of first things. Now, the introduction should also include what you will talk about in main points one, two and three. Your first point might be to give the readers definitions of the main terms used in this paper. II. Main Point Number One (What does your research say about this main point?) III. Main Point Number Two (What does your research say about this main point?) IV. Main Point Number Three (What does your research say about this main point?) Please, if you use direct quotes from your research, you must cite the source, where does this quote come from? Some quotes should be incorporated into your paper, but most of the wording will be your explanations (paraphrasing of the contents). V. Conclusion I do have books on my kindle about the topic. the Bibles should be one of the source.

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