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Paper detailsAnalyze a health or nursing policy that impacst a group of people and requires a changediscusswhy you selected this(more than a singleunit, department, or organization)discussthe relevance of the publi policy issue to the health or nursing profession using two pieces ofacademically approriate literature from the last 5 years.discussthefinancial impact of the public policy on a organization or community.Analyze how your values impact your position your position on the public policy issuediscussthe ethical principal(egautonomy,beneficence, nonmaleficence,justice) or theory that underpins your perspective no more than three pages 6 next pagesdevelopa policy brief for the public policy issue from above?identify who will recieve policy briefnameand titleexplainwhy policy issue requires thedecision makers attention, using relevant nursing research from the last 5 years to support your positiondiscussthe main challenges ofaddressing this issuediscussthe primary options and/or interventions for the decision maker, including why they are tangible proposeapersuasive course of action for the decission maker, including ways to avoid the challenges identified in part B2discusshow you willevaluate the success of your policy brief(topdownapproach). create a plan(no more than three pages) for working with theorganization/community to address the issue from above includingindentifyan organization or community that has expressed interest inyour selected health or nursing profession/public policy issue. summarize evidence supporting why the organization or community hasexpressed interest in the selected policy issue. IdentifyThREE CBPR principles you could useto work with the organization or community toaddress the policy change for the public pilocy issue.Explain how you could approach and collaborate with the organization/community.Discuss how the goal of the community.organization aligns with your goal for your proposal.Discuss the action steps that need to be taken toachive your above goal. Discuss the possible roles/responsibilities of the oraganization/community members including problemsolvingandcapacitybuildingroles. Discuss key elements of developing a collabrorative evaluation plan, using CBPR principles. Discuss how you willevaluate the succes of your community/organizationplan(bottomupapproach) Analyze(one page) the strengths and challenges of the topdownand bottomupapproaches in achieving policy change(S) to support your selected issueby: discuss the strengths of EACH approachto implement change for the selected issue/change. discuss the challenges of each approach for the selected issue/change. Discuss whichapproach you would recommend as the most effective to address the selected policy issue PLACE THIS ORDER OR A SIMILAR ORDER WITH US TODAY AND GET AN AMAZING DISCOUNT

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