“Tornado” GUST Car Services; project is to encourage GUST’s students to be successful entrepreneurs and establish their own business custom essay

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The main objective of CBA440 project is to encourage GUST’s students to be successful entrepreneurs and establish their own business. The project is to establish a business that includes the development of a complete understanding of establishing an e-commerce business and apply the Project Management (PM) tools, techniques and methodology to it (The 9 knowledge areas framework). In addition, students will practice developing their business plan and align it with the project management skills. Each group have to submit a final report where the purpose of this document is to clearly identify Project’s main activities such as initiating, planning, and executing and control. The project must be initiated with a project Charter and according to the plan and project management knowledge areas of the PMI. The project is a team-oriented and all teams’ members must equally contribute to the project endeavor. The CBA440 committee reserves all the rights to investigate this aspect. For the final project, every team must submit the below deliverables:
1. A working e-commerce website, using the techniques explained in the IT skills module, that shows all the projects parts (10%).
2. A presentation (all group members) on the specified date and includes two parts: (10%)
a. PowerPoint slides explains you project and how did you achieve it
b. A live demo of your e-commerce website
3. A final Report as explained below (30%)
Gulf University for Science Technology ? Spring 2011/2012
? The Mission
In order to achieve course objectives, groups must develop a proposal to establish a real-life business. The business can a full fledge e-commerce or a hybrid model. A feasibility study and business plan must be developed to justify you idea and investment. You’ll be responsible to apply the PMBOK (PMI) nine knowledge areas and concepts, covered during the PM module, to an e-commerce project. Use the below tasks as a guidance to start your project. Of course, you can implement your own methodology and steps.
Your Final Report Must Include ALL the following sections:
Section 1: Introduction
? Background about the project Section 2: Project Initiation
? Project Charter: Develop an initial business plan by completing the Project Charter as directed by the PM module’s instructor.
? Project Scope Statement: based on your scope management area, develop a project scope statement (The project scope management)
Section 3: Project and Business Plan
In this section, you must clearly develop you project and Business plan.
3.1- Executive summary
3.2- Organizational background
3.2.1. Current status
3.2.2. Management team
3.3- Marketing plan
3.3.1. Pricing
3.3.2. Distribution
3.3.3. Promotion and brand development
3.4- Project Time Management
3.4.1. Schedule Worksheet
(The team must develop WBS structure of the project and this technique to develop a schedule of your project and Gantt chart (Project Time Management). The WBS structure must be reflected on the final project deliverables.)
Gulf University for Science Technology
Spring 2011/2012
?3.5- Financial plan (Cost Management Plan)
3.5.1. Current financing
3.5.2. Funding plan
3.5.3. Financial forecasts
3.6- Operational plan
3.6.1. Develop/deployment plan
3.6.2. Communications and Information plan
3.6.3. HR management Plan
i. Organizational plan/Chart ii. Staffing needs
iii. Training requirements
3.6.4. Procurement / Acquisition plan
3.6.5. Cost allocation model
3.7- Risk management and analysis
3.7.1. Risk evaluation
3.7.2. Risk management plan
3.8- Quality management Plan
(A reference to the Business Plan can be found here
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Content_of_a_business_plan )
Section 4: Project Execution and Control
? The implementation of your work, monitoring and change management should be thoroughly explained. You have to highlight your deliverables inline with what you have developed during building the WBS structure.
? It is a crucial part of any project to highlight the change management control Section 5: Project Closeout
Submit the final deliverables and report and close the project. The team must include any related documents for the closing phase, if any, such as the contract, maintenance contract and sign-off document.
Gulf University for Science Technology Spring 2011/2012
?The Final Report: Requirement and grading
Your final report to be submitted on the deadline MUST INCLUDE ALL the following sections. The evaluation of the final report and project is based on the following weight distribution:
1. The originality of the idea and work innovation 3%
2. The report organization and writing style (professional writing, language
accuracy, technical presentation) 3%
3. Report content (according to the below table):
???Table of contents
(Should appear exactly in your final report)

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