Tour of my Bedroom Custom Essay

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This essay is about Personal Identity. If someone come to my Bedroom and look at the things in my bedroom (For example a champion trophy displayed on my bookself, which I got from Little league baseball or a picture of my grand father etc..). In one word tour of my bedroom. I will use it at college application essay. Q. If someone were to look through your bedroom, what do you hope your possessions would convey about you?

Client Message;
Dear Sir/Madam, I have just placed the order for a college essay. I would like to elaborate more about the topic title ” Tour of my bedroom”. Please forward my request to the writer, so that he/she can understand the topic very well. This essay is about my personal identity. As someone comes into my bedroom and look into my belongings, will have an impression about me- about my taste, my character and as a teenager and finally as a high school senior. There will many things in my bedroom: couple of trophies I got from little league baseball, basketball, a picture of my beloved grandpa, my family picture, a souvenir I bring back from my last summer trip to Switzerland, couple of famous novels, a piggy bank etc. etc. Please feel free to add any other items and descibe them as it represents. Please use some creative thinkings to this essay, so that it looks little different from others. Please DON’T use any references- have your own words only. I hope you will make the eassy interesting and worth reading one. I hope you will use your experience to make it little different. Thanks. Sicerely, Quamrun

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