Training for New Technology Custom Essay

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2. Describe how the organization successfully addressed the challenge/opportunity by investing in their human capital. Describe what they did and explain what the positive outcomes were.
be specific and i will attach the case study ..
elaborate on these ideas
Company install new technology to meet the following challenge.
– Steel mill challenged to upgrade their technology in order to produce new higher & cleaner quality steel.
– Reduce furnace delays by increasing their ladle turn around
– Decreasing their over power consumption
However, they did not train their employees on the right operation method.
– Vendor gives a short demonstration
– Organization culture does not promote training and strategic employee planning.
– Lack of alignment of HR recommendation with the business practices( Operations does not listen to Training Dept. recommendation of training before operation)
– The total cost of training was almost same as the waste of resources to repair the damaged equipment.(talk about the damage to the pre-heater & shut down of the operation)

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