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Our first of three chapters about training, talent management, development and performance management begins with an overview of training including the needs assessment, design delivery and evaluation. All steps are critical but the beginning and end are the most crucial – getting the outcomes desired and the evaluation are especially important. Most times the design follows easily when the outcomes are identified well. Let’s begin with what exactly is training? Please don’t parrot back the text definition!!! Include in your “definition” discussion, your ideas about WHY you think corporations spend billions of dollars every day to provide training for their employees! In your definition, talk about the training categories one is likely to encounter in an organization. And last, in your “definition,” talk about your ideas of strategic management. What does training do for an organization? Are there really any benefits? Why or why not……? Evaluation is the trickiest part of training design (for me). I don’t have any problems at all assessing needs and then designing the programs to meet those needs. I have a difficult time designing protocols for evaluating training participants’ learning. I want to call your attention to the sentence so simply stated on page 281 of your text, “It is best to consider how training is to be evaluated before it begins.” AMEN!

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