Trends in the recruitment and selection of graduates into the labour force, Academic Essay

Question: Taking into account current trends in both the recruitment and selection of graduates into the labour force, to what extent is it possible to assess the competencies of graduates objectively and strategically in line with rationalist approaches?-Please use material that I will send to you, especially literature and cases focusing on graduate labour market/recruitment/selection.-Focus on current trends (key sources: Association of Graduate Recruiters material, High Fliers)- I will send you the articles which to use-Consider evidence for both a rationalist and non-rationalist perspective (i.e. all frames can be used to understand relevant issues relating specifically to the graduate case in recruitment and selection. analysing recruitment and selection using Bolman and Deals four framesLarge organizations spend vast sums of money on rigorous recruitment, validation of their selection methods (sometimes) and psychometric testing of candidates. There is some evidence that this money is well spent because it brings greater certainty to one aspect of boundary management for organisations (i.e., recruitment across the organisation/labour market interface and staff fit with organisational requirements and culture) in an environment which is constantly evolving. For example, graduate employers invest in multi-stage selection processes to identify top talent within the expanding graduate labour market and contribute to their strategic goals by identifying person-organisation fit. The theories on which this viewpoint is based resemble Bolman and Deals structural and HR frames for understanding organisational life. These have also been referred to as rationalist approaches.Others have argued that much of recruitment and selection activity is more to do with maintaining image, ritual, power and status than objective measurement of individual differences or a rational strategic decision process on the part of organisations. For example, graduate recruitment and selection can be analysed as a social construction of the ideal graduate (rather than an objective candidate profile), which is reinforced by the most successful, attractive, and hence powerful organisations. It is, therefore, subjective and could lead to excluding some potentially capable candidates who do not conform to this constructed profile. This may also have implications for equal employment opportunity and hence legality. The theories which give rise to this argument resemble Bolman and Deals symbolic and political frames.Most objective/rational:Structural person-job fit/emphasis on rigorously designed methods, predictivist/psychometricHR Strategic recruitment & selection, person-organisation fitMost subjective/non-retional:Political power (overt& covert), Socially constructed atributes, self-discipliningSymbolic focus on values/meaning creation for applicant, 2-waysocial process/constructivistRationalist models of Recrutment and selection:Classical/Structural Emphasis on individual attributes fitting with job performance criteria (person-job fit) Technical rigour of predictors of future job performance eg screening methods, psychometric tests, interviews, work samples etc.Strategis/HRM Fit to organisation, Fit to future job requirements, Fit to organisational competencies, Strategic, Best practice, Best fit, Emerged from the 1980s with rise of HRM Key reading:chapter 4 (Dora Scholarios) in Contemporary human resource management [internet resource] : text and cases, Tom Redman 1952-, editor of compilation.; Adrian Wilkinson 1963-, editor of compilation.; Dawsonera PDA 4th ed. Harlow : Pearson Education Limited 2013I will submit her draft for the new edition of that chapter 2016 draft of Scholarios chapter in Contemporary HRM Abercrombie & Fitch case 2016 ( I will upload the PDF) This should be considered and used to answer the question:Managing Human Resources, Author: Stephen Bach, Martin R. Edwards Pages: 442 Size: 5.25 MB Publisher: John Wiley & Sons In Published: 21 Dec 2012 Evers et al. (2005) The Blackwell Handbook of Personnel Selection. For a number of chapters detailing various aspects of Structural and HR frame topics related to assessment, recruitment and selection refer to this ebook:Managing staff selection and assessment, Paul Iles Dawsonera. Buckingham ; Philadelphia : Open University Press 1999 (This short book presents another multi-frame analysis of selection. It calls different perspectives psychometric, strategic, social process and critical discourse. These roughly map on to the structural, HR, symbolic and political frames. To get an overall understanding of the symbolic and political frames, read especially Chapter 4 (The social process perspective from p. 97), Chapter 5 (The discourse perspective) and Chapter 6 (Competence perspectives and criticisms, esp. from p.125).) Read also this recent post on the CIPDs People Management site (18 Jan 2016) Penguin Random House ditches degree filter for job candidates (( ) How does this shift away from academic qualifications further impact graduate recruitment and selection? [Hint: think about who gets access to good jobs, what is generally considered best practice in hiring, how discrimination enters the selection process (and where it comes from), and how we can potentially eliminate such discrimination.] Branine, M. (2008). Graduate recruitment and selection in the UK: A study of the recent changes in methods and expectations. Career Development International, 13(6), 497-513. (I will upload the PDF) High Fliers. The Graduate Market in 2016 (I will upload the PDF) High Fliers. The Graduate Market in 2015 (I will upload the PDF) CIPD 2015 Over-qualification and skills mismatch in the graduate labour market (I will upload the PDF) BIS (2015). Graduate recruitment and selection evidence report (I will upload the PDF) AGR Summer 2014 Survey (I will upload the PDF) AGR Briefing Paper Psychometric Testing 2009 (I will upload the PDF) AGR Briefing Paper Online Testing 2011 (I will upload the PDF) AGR Graduate Recruitment Survey Winter 2013 File (I will upload the PDF) Employers use of psychometric testing in selection: 2012 XpertHR survey(I will upload the PDF) UKCES 2014 Climbing the Ladder: Skills for Sustainable Recovery (I will upload the PDF) Video: BBC Documentary Who Gets the Best Jobs BBC2 Who gets the best jobs extract programme presents a picture of how success in the professions or well paid jobs in the UK today is increasingly dependent on ones access to privileged schooling and the networks, resources and other soft skills which this inevitably provides. This basic argument is a clear illustration of the operation of the symbolic and political frames in operation. The relationship between employer and potential employee is cultivated before any formal employment. In the programme, you will see how free internships are increasingly the foot in the door needed for access to jobs, and for graduates, employers may increasingly be focusing only on the top universities for potential recruits. Equally, access to networks of people in top jobs who can act as role models or mentors seems to be confined only to the most privileged who are able to afford private schooling. Thus, the programme shows person-culture or person-organisation fit in action. We see immediately then the dangers of too much such social fit, which can simply replicate past inequalities. It also shows the difficulties with the rhetoric of the structural/HR frames that equal opportunities are guaranteed by focusing only on objective qualifications and ability. Access to opportunity can be seen to determine the acquisition of qualifications even the quality of the university that you go to. Also shown is how class and other social barriers (e.g. gender, ethnicity) affect individuals ability to access opportunities. Temporary, unregulated and often unpaid, the internship has become the route to professional work|hig|4-09-2014|5356c71a899249e1ccb9a5c0| The answer for topic question should be based on this information that I have provided, please read and consider it. something additional could be included if it helps to aswer the essay question. Thank you Place your order now for a similar paper and have exceptional work written by our team of experts to guarantee you A Results Why Choose US 6+ years experience on custom writing 80% Return Client Urgent 2 Hrs Delivery Your Privacy Guaranteed Unlimited Free Revisions

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