Tropical Medicine custom essay

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Assignment One
� Literature Review (relevant to tropical/travel medicine or related areas).

Students are required to submit a term assignment in the following format:

� Literature review;

� The topic should be on tropical/travel medicine or a related discipline.

� Style should be similar to that of manuscripts submitted to medical journals,
e.g. Medical Journal of Australia (see

� Word limit is 3000 words.

� Assignments should be correctly referenced and use an accepted system of
APA referencing,

� Final submission needs to be word processed; Arial 12 point, 1.5 or 2.0
spacing, A4 paper set up with minimum of 2.5 cm margins all around.

Additional Information for Literature Reviews
� Literature Review option should be a scholarly work.

� Scope the topic so that it fits the word limit.

� If you have not done a literature review before, you should read examples from
relevant journals, such as the Medical Journal of Australia (see

Suggested approach/outline of a literature review
� Title – self-explanatory title should be used

� Abstract – preferably structured

� Background to disorder including Impact statement, referenced

� Objectives of the review-define the topic

� Brief description of the methods of the review-collect the material (have clear
criteria for what material is to be included)

� Discussion – analyse the findings (Sub-headings usually defined by topic)

� Conclusions

� Acknowledgments

� References

� Remember tables/figures can SAVE A 1000 WORDS and LIGHTEN THE
LOAD on the reader!!

(In addition to above)
� There is evidence of a critical analysis of the available existing literature, both
review and research papers, appropriately referenced.

� There is evidence of personal research and development.

� The assignment is innovative and creative in its approach.

� There is an understanding of the implications of the issues involved.

� There is application of theories and evidence to support or refute arguments.

� There is integration of these elements in the conclusion reached.

� The assignment is appealing in the medium or format chosen.

� The assignment is publishable in an acceptable refereed journal.

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