. Trust is earned and it is true that you would be more apt to trust

. Trust is earned and it is true that you would be more apt to trust someone at the start you have a good impression of, but have you been wrong about your first impression???.Do you really need trust in a JV because typically two or more parties are coming together for a mutual benefit project which neither can accomplish on their own for whatever reason, hence self-serving reason.??.In coming together the success of the JV/project depends on each party doing their part for the success of the project (i.e. a vested interest), and there is a contractual agreement spelling out each party?s role and responsibility, so do the parties necessarily need to trust each other or even like each other?2. ?want to take advantage of others in order to satisfy themselves??.You will often hear people say: I trusted him/her, but he/she disappointed me. He/she took advantage of my trust to satisfy himself/herself. How can I trust someone again?How do you see the kind of reaction to a broken trust? How would you advise someone who reacts this sort?Further, does trust need to be reciprocal? Meaning, you need to trust me for me to trust you back???.

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