United Nations Custom Essay

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this is not completely a research paper yet some research is required but it is a [reflection/research paper] (adding personal opinion and speaking from your perspective) however you only talk about your personal opinion in one section only! and in that section it has to be one paragraph that has atleast 3 sentences and in every sentence you should say something like: i believe or i think or in my opinion so that it is clear that it is ur own opinion and you dont have to reference it. there is a limited word count and that is 400 words only! that includes everything (title,heading,the first author referencing and the in text referencing and all EXCEPT the [[reference list]]) other than that everything has to be [[[[ 400 ]]]] words or less. However some research is required to do the rest of the paper..
i will provide you with a document that has a SPECIFIC harvard referencing i suggest you follow that it is slightly different than others. i will also provide you with an example on Film Noir not United Nations, it is a previous assignment i did for the same task and same class which is [research/arts], but it should show you how its supposed to be done and how the paper should be divided. it is a good example yet it has some mistakes in the reference list and the teacher thinks the wording isn’t clear enough and EVERYTHING should be referenced in text and in the references list. i will provide you with the reading which is an article (united nations faces new challenges) that u should read and reference the author or the writer of that article then u should give a brief author details, just look her up and whatever you find put it in 3 sentences should be very brief because of the word count, and then you have to write in the[ core summary part] what you have understood from the reading very briefly in one paragraph (3-4 sentences) and then in the single issue part that is when u choose any single issue mentioned in the [reading] i provided u with (everything has to come from the reading except your three resources) and your personal opinion and have to find 3 resources (journals,books,newspaper..etc) from any database you could use, google.com or scholar.google.com, but as long as its reliable. and the 3 resources either have to agree ,disagree or are extremely with or against whatever you find is fine but if you found atleast one that disagrees would be better because my teacher likes arguments, not necessary though. and you must as u mention each one’s opinion u must reference them like this: livingston,J., (2009) Agrees bla bla bla… and then reference them again in the reference list. You?ll see what i mean in the film noir example.
after that you have to have a personal opinion about that SINGLE issue, should be a paragraph of also 3-4 sentences, as i said mention [I think, i believe] in every sentence and opinion u give so that my teacher knows it is an opinion and doesn’t need to be referenced. and then the reference list should be exactly like how the harvard referencing document i have provided u, and in the end of the page down at the bottom provide a word count please of everything including title, EXCEPT reference list.
Font type: Times New Roman
Font size: 12
UK English.
Double spaced please.
any questions please let me know ANYTIME NO PROBLEM.
and please follow the documents i have provided u it should fairly explain.
Thanks in advance!

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