United States HIstory 1763 1877 Academic Essay

A1 Module 1 Persuasive Essay (50 point value)This assignment is both a learning activity and an assessment of yourlearning. Its primary purpose is to allow you to demonstrate your understanding of the first module. Its secondary purpose isto allow to demonstrate your ability to read and understand an assigned reading. In the process you will also learn muchabout the module. First read the material and think about it. Then discuss it with your peers in the seminar and think about itagain. Then write a persuasive answer to the question I have asked and post it in Moodle. nnPersuasive essays (c. 1000words) are analytic or interpretative compositions dealing with subjects from a limited point of view. I ask you a question andyou answer it with a persuasive essay in a way that demonstrates your understanding of the class module. Persuasive essaysare not definitive treatments of the subject but your reflected analysis of the assigned readings, any outside readings you mayhave done, our lectures and discussions and your reasoned analysis. They require you to take a view and defend it with yourreasoned analysis.Your job is to answer the question by analyzing the general knowledge you have acquired and apply it tothe defense of your answer with a wellreasonedessay. To do that you should first put the problem in its proper context. This isdone through an introduction, which relates the specific question to the topic and shows me that you have understanding ofthe topic beyond the narrow scope of the question. You should then express your view or reach your decision. That isexplained in your thesis statement. Now, you must defend your thesis with facts and ideas that have been presented in thetext, discussions, videos and outside sources. You should be able to make a least four points to defend your thesis. Simplystating these points is not enough. You must develop each of those points with evidence from the material to show that youunderstand the material. If you understand the material well this will create a well organized and coherent essay. Finally, besure to cite your sources.nnThe question: We often assume that the American Revolution was inevitable and very widelysupported in the colonies. In fact the colonists were greatly divided on the issue. At least three camps existed: those favoringindependence, those opposing it and the undecided neutralists. If you had been a concerned citizen in say early 1776 wouldyou have supported and why?nnStandards: Your essay will earn up to 5 points for each of these criteria it meets.nnTheintroduction effectively moves the reader into the essay.nnThe thesis is clear, coherent and complete.nnThe first point isclearly presented, explained, defended and correct. nnThe second point is clearly presented, explained, defended andcorrect.nnThe third point is clearly presented, explained, defended and correct.nnThe fourth point is clearly presented,explained, defended and correct. nnIt has few errors in sentence structure, grammar and spelling. nnIt deals not only withthe writers choice but also with the other elements as well.nnThe essay is well organized and coherent.nnThe essay isproperly documented internally and works citedn PLACE THIS ORDER OR A SIMILAR ORDER WITH US TODAY AND GET AN AMAZING DISCOUNT

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