University Essay: Diet Assessment Custom Essay

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The Assignment For this assignment, I would like you to assess your diet from your food journal using the knowledge you have gained thus far in Human Nutrition class. As part of your assessment, I would like to you address the following points: 1. Is there a goal to your diet? Perhaps you are trying to address the following: a. Are you trying to lose weight or gain weight? b. Are you trying to consume specific nutrients for athletic performance, to lower your cholesterol or control a disease (such as heart disease or diabetes)? c. How do your current eating habits help you address these goals? d. If you do not have a goal, what sorts of nutritional goals are important to you for the future and how could you accomplish them? 2. How do your eating habits over the five day period compare with the recommendations for your Daily Recommended Intakes? To assess this, I would like you to: a. Compare your average intakes vs recommended intakes over the five day period and compare to the DRI’s for your age and gender. b. Examine the types of food you ate (meats, milk, fruit, etc.) and compare that with the food pyramid. c. Assess your intake of vitamins and minerals: were you short, did you meet or exceed the RDA/AI for the following nutrients – vitamins A, B6, B12, C, D, E, folate, calcium, iron and sodium. d. What kinds of nutrients were most and least prevalent in your diet? How do you think this can affect your health and/or your health/dietary goals? 3. I would like you to discuss and recommend possible changes in your diet. This will require you to step back from your eating habits and look at the information as if it is not yours; I want you to pretend that someone gave you this food journal and you are making recommendations to someone else. a. I would like you to discuss whether you think this diet meets the criteria for a healthy diet as listed below. Make suggestions for changes in the diet that you could implement. i. adequacy – are you getting enough nutrients and energy to maintain health? ii. moderation – are you getting the right amount of nutrients? iii. balance – are you getting the proper proportion of nutrients? iv. variety – are you getting food from all the food groups. b. Do you think that the diet journal is reflective of your normal eating habits? How accurate do you think it is and, if not accurate, do you think it over or underestimates the amount of calories and nutrients that you normally consume? This paper should be between 3 to 4 pages, written in 12 point font, double spaced with margins no greater than 1.25 inches (left and right) and 1 inch (top and bottom). The paper will be checked for grammar and spelling. The grading rubric for the paper will also be attached. Paper Grades I will be grading your papers using the specific grading criteria (in the form of a grading rubric) attached to this sheet

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