Vocabulary mini Unit; Use the SIOP lesson plan template custom essay

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You have 5 mini-lessons to teach students one set of words (at least 5 words). · Use the SIOP lesson plan template. · Make a vocabulary objective for each lesson. The objective should include a vocabulary skill. (ideas: TSW: use context clues to determine meaning, use a new terms in verbal or written context, state synonym and antonyms for each term, identify how affixes affect word meaning, draw a picture that represents word meaning, do an action that represent word meaning) Feel free to use my stuff. It’s gold! · In addition to the objective, you must include teacher modeling/input, the vocabulary building activity, and an assessment for each lesson. · The formative assessment will be on lessons 1-4. The summative will be the final lesson. · If you have questions, please ask. PLEASE USE ALABAMA STANDARDS!!!! Syllabus **(this is simply the instructions reworded!!)** 1) Create a 5-day unit plan that focuses on using literature to build vocabulary. a) Outline five different strategies which support vocabulary. b) Include four formative and one summative assessment to gauge student progress.

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