Watchman Comic vs the movie the incredible

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Write a essay answering the following question :
Ultimately the superhero like all fictions, is important only in so much as it tells us something about ourselves and the world that we libe in . discuss how the idea of the ordinary is explored in the comic Watchmen by alan Moore and the Movie The Incredible.

some of my thoughts of the incredibles.
point blame- how in the Incredible the super heros (viglantie) had to hide bx they were no longer seemed to be helpful .
Violet – getting o know her self feelin invicible until she fts into her own skin
jack- not beingable to strive to be best and settle to please society
mr incredale (john)- neded perpose inorder to feel like a youthful man, movie shows him running threw the motions and no truely happy unless he was out fighting crime
Kronos- or incredaboy was so infuentual as a young kid and how events can make a person turn to (the dark side)

In Watch men some thoughts:
filled with a bunch of charactors that give some much to the comic. Mr manhattan who has such a different view of humanity now that he isthis incrediable force . they almost make him GOD like in ways that he this element that has limitless powers and almost looks at humanity as a thing he needs to protect but also loses touch as to why.

in bothy i think it really got to a different side of super heros and in watch man the term superhero may be hard to apply that to them bc its really a borderline as to if they even are “superheros” but i feel that these stories really see the life on the other side and really gives you the inner psyche of the charactors. Very flawed charactors which definitly give them all very real human characteristics

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