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The following web activity requires you to use
the Internet to search for answers. Please include pictures.

Assignment: Develop a resource folder for the parents of a child in your school who
has a particular disability (you select one of the 13 disabilities in IDEA). This is a
folder that you will give the parents of this child after your meeting with them to share the test results that indicate that their child has this disability. This is a folder
that you would like to have and would like the principal to hand you if you had a
child with this disability. Search the Internet for information and resources related
specifically to this disability.

Your folder should be divided in four parts:

1. Provide the parents of this child a brief introduction to their child�s disability, and
give them detailed instructions on how to use this folder and the information in it.
Also, provide them with a glossary of terms related to the selected disability as
they may not be familiar with the jargon in special education.

2. List at least 10 web sites that can provide the parents of this child with valuable
information about their child�s disability.
a. Four (4) national web sites
b. Three (3) state web sites
c. Three (3) local web sites

Please limit your web sites to only those that deal specifically with this disability
(for example, autism or learning disabilities). Describe the content of these web
sites in details and identify the services and information they provide the parents
of children with this disability.

3. Recommend five recent books and five recent articles that these parents can read
about their child�s disability. Please list these printed materials in APA style.

4. Provide the parents of this child with a list of local contacts and support groups in
your area related to their child�s disability. Give details about these local and
support groups including names, telephone numbers, and e-mail addresses.

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