Week 4 Genre Presentation

Create a 6- to 10-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation describing your selected genre and how your chosen film fits or does not fit the standard model for each of these genres. Cover page: Ami Boothe Hum/150 Professor Erik Bean May 30, 2016 Chapter 10 from book Phillips, W.H. (2009) introduction to Film (4th ed). New York, NY: Bedford/St. Martin’s Film Choice, “Sleepless in Seattle Include the following: – Description of your selected genre – Description of the film’s following components: ?Summary of the film’s story ?Setting & lighting ?Makeup & costumes ?Music & sound – Discussion of the film as either typical or atypical of its genre and how the film’s components support your view Address social context aspects of film as discussed in Ch. 10 of Film by writing the following for inclusion on one Microsoft® PowerPoint® slide: – Discuss your film in terms of its social context. What influences from its time period are present in the film? Consider how the film might be different were it made in another time and place. Why and how would it be different? ( The breakdown, at least 3 relative graphics/pictures/charts include year too on cover slide. Content requires quotes from Phillips text, Place in slides or speaker notes Exellant choice and layout of colors Format your presentation consistent with APA guidelines

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