What are the six basic aspects of communication

(***NOTE: Supporting information will be uploaded***)1. What are the six basic aspects of communication? Explain the importance of each.2. Summarize the patterns presented in the text for cultural border crossing. 3. Discuss the conflict avoidance method. ??.?.4. Discuss the four enemies of defined of a defined learning culture as presented in chapter eight. 5. Why is measuring school climate important? Discuss a tool offered in the text for measuring school climate. 6. Is there a difference in building an organizational culture and building a learning culture? Explain. 7. What are the primary reasons for failed change in schools? Give an explanation for each reason. 8. Discuss the process of change. 9. After proposing innovation, how does an organization adapt that innovation?10. Discuss the seven types of resisters to change listed in the text. ??.?.

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