what can we learn about gender roles in society by examining (in a period or genre of your choosing) the career of one particular male or female artist Essay

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This essay has to be concentrated on case study, and the female artist I chose is Bessie Smiths, the genre of my choosing is Blues.

Firstly, give some background of gender roles in society,
Think about women on stage.
And talk about the issues still relevant to today’s society.

Most blues songs are about the relationships between men and women, as are many songs in American popular music. But blues artists have always addressed love with a directness and realism absent in many mainstream songs. Between 1923 and 1945, women blues singers in particular offered a powerful alternative to the narrow, mainstream image of women as domesticated wives and mothers, creating a new feminism that drew on the fight for women’s rights in the voting booth and the work place that took place between 1913 and 1919, and prefiguring the later women’s movement of the 1960s and 1970s.
1,Explore gender stereotypes and their influence on everyday behavior

2,Consider different sides in debates about the role of women in society

3,Understand how blues women were both limited by and defiant of the gender expectations under which they lived.

Bessie Smiths:
Give an example of her songs and think about :
• What are the circumstances in the song? Who is to blame for the problems between the couple?
• How are men and women portrayed in the song? Specifically, how are the actions of men and women portrayed?
• What gender stereotypes, if any, are evident in the song?

Researching the life of one of the following women blues singers. (Bessie Smiths) Specifically, their research should focus on how she was constrained by the times in which she lived as well as the ways she challenged the status quo.
The research should consider biographical information as well as the music associated with the chosen singer.
Musical instruments are often considered appropriate for either men or women. To start a discussion about this phenomenon, ask the class to think about the instruments that men usually play and the instruments that women usually play. Answers usually link men with the guitar, trumpet, and drums, while women are linked with the flute, piano, or voice.
Why might this instrument be appropriate for a man or a woman?
Does appropriateness have to do with the sound, the shape, or weight of the instrument and/or how one must play it?
Tie this discussion into the blues by noting that many early bluesmen were guitarists, harp players, or pianists, and most blueswomen were singers.
Ask why that may have been.

In order to introduce the Women’s Movement in American history, talk about the different social roles available to women before the turn of the century. You might gather evidence for the discussion from a history textbook or from literature.

Analysis “Lost Your Head Blues” by Bessie Smith.
Think about:
How did Bessie Smith present an alternative to traditional Victorian gender roles in this song? Suggest that beyond this song, Bessie Smith represents a woman who defied gender roles. Introduce her as someone who worked in the public as an entertainer, recorded some of the first blues on record, became a national star, and made lots of money. She also embraced masculine traits typical of the time: She was “tough”—once scaring off a group of Klansmen who tried to disrupt her concert—sang openly about sexual desire, addressed issues like rape, and was known to be able to outdrink any challenger, man or woman.To account for Smith’s image and behavior.
Why could Smith break free from the typical constraints on women in American society in the 1920s?
Discussion should include:
• The 1920s were a time of shifting expectations for women. The suffrage movement and World War I challenged Victorian gender roles.
• Blueswomen were African Americans, which already separated them from middle class white America. Breaking gender roles was, in this way, somewhat easier.
• Urbanization and the African American Great Migration found many black women in the factory workforce. Here, in these urban settings, gender roles were challenged every day.

Finally, compare Smith’s sexuality and toughness to other attempts by women to gain equality.
Or maybe Start by handing out a timeline of women’s history and then compare Bessie Smith’s life and music to the events on the timeline.
Specifically, discuss:
• Does Bessie reflect the times in which she lived? How so? How not?
• Did she prefigure some of the values of the Women’s Movement in the 1960s, as Angela Davis has argued in Blues Legacies and Black Feminism?

This essay has to be working on a case study, and the female artist Im choosing is Bessie Smiths. the genre is Blues.

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