What is a “˜rights-based approach’ to development and what the potential limitations to using “˜human rights’ as a focus for development policy?

Assessment Criteria ??? Demonstrates the ability to: ? Write a sustained, critical analysis of a topic relevant to development, and ? Synthesise research and arguments on contemporary development practice and theory. ?? STRUCTURE & ORGANISATION ? Introduction: clearly identifies the essay topic and contextualises the main issues. Provides a road map of the rest of the essay. ? Body: presents an orderly and coherent discussion, that addresses all components of the topic ? Conclusion: provides a summary and concluding statement ???? ANALYTICAL AND CRITICAL SKILLS Engagement with question/problem: ? Command of subject matter and key concepts ? Use of discipline specific terms and examples ? Research approach demonstrated by selection of relevant sources, theories and examples Argumentation: ? Argument flows logically and builds momentum ? Appropriate application of theory is used to make arguments; clearly links theory and data to conclusions ? Arguments are persuasive focusing on key points using no unnecessary verbiage ? Alternative perspectives are acknowledged and addressed ? Examples used are relevant and provide effective support Creativity and innovation: ? The author’s voice is clear and originality is demonstrated. ?? PRESENTATION ? Written expression (spelling and grammar) and style/prose ? Scholarly conventions and requirements (including. referencing)

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