What is the role of personal experience in the Surrealist Movement’s wish to empower imagination over reality? Custom Essay

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You must make explicit references to AT LEAST TWO WORKS STUDIED IN CLASS (i.e. texts, paintings) and ONE NON-LITERARY WORK of your choice (i.e. paintings, sculptures, manifestoes, art journals, criticism…)

This is for a year 3 module on Surrealism, under the Comparative Literature department.
Here are the week by week topics we have covered in the module, as well as the texts/films that we have done in class. Please keep to these


Luis Bunuel, Un Chien andalou (film)
Andre Breton, Nadja
Louis Aragon, Paris Peasant [Le paysan de Paris]
Andre Breton, Manifestos of Surrealism [Manifestes du surrealisme]
Salvador Dali, La vida secreta de Salvador Dali [The Secret Life of Salvador Dali
Paintings by Dali

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