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The paper should NOT simply retell the plot of the story, you must analyze it and offer your interpretation. You analysis should take into consideration the CONTEXT(characters, theme), THE STORY, AND THE FORM (the way the story is told). You might want to consider the socio-historcal and literary context in which the text was produce, and how it reflected in the text. You may also analyze the formal, literary characteristics (narrative mode, point of view, imagery, symbolism, or irony..) of the text, and think about how meaning is conveyed through the form of the story.
1. Developing your thesis. What is your central argument ? Using examples and organize your analysis to support the argument.
2. Paying special attention to the historical, cultural, and personal context in which the story is produced
Also remember to:
Credit your sources (free to use any sources to support, compare,..)
Polish your essay
The paper should be grammatically correct, written in proper academic style, well structured, organized logically, and argued coherently. Open with an explicit statement about your argument/ interpretation; follow this with a brief( no longer than one or two paragraphs) synopsis of the plot, finally, present a systematically-argued analysis of the story, being sure to include evidence (citations) from the text to substantiate your views.
1.National Resistance Literature
2. Wartime Narrative: the rape of women and the rape of the nation
3. The sacrifice of female body
4. The conflict between national resistance and traditional values
5. The remaining of the female intellectual “I”

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