Where do TED ideas come from; The critical analysis of TED website Using the Feminist Approach custom essay

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It is the assigment three. Its deatails is below and it is based on assignment One and two (the same topic)

Assessment One :
1. A short seminar paper delivered during a seminar session in week 8-10, in which you provide an overview of your critical analysis of your selected contemporary media text.
* Notes/slides from your presentation should be submitted in class *

Assessment Two (30%)
Due week 8 (Thursday 29th March 2011)

1. Submit a 1000 word draft essay based on assignment 1 (seminar paper) which will then be worked up to a final 3000 word essay for the third assessment.
2. Submit a draft of your reflective learning journal with entries covering weeks 1-7 of this unit, which will then be continued for the third assessment

Assessment three (60%)
Due week 14 (Wednesday 30th May 2012)

1.Work up Assessment Two as a 2500 word essay

2. Complete your reflective learning journal with entries for the entire content of this unit
These are the instruction and I have choosen the Feminist Approach to for the last assignment and this one:
A) Develop an original critical analysis of a contemporary media text ? it can be a film, a television programme, a newspaper or magazine article, a website, a computer game – based on one of the critical theoretical methods interrogated in this unit.

Your critical analysis should explore and then critique in depth one of the critical/theoretical approaches examined in this unit (i.e. semiotics, ideological analysis, psychoanalytic media analysis, formalist analysis, feminist analysis, post-colonial analysis, postmodernist or post-structuralist analysis). You should then develop this critique as an analytical framework, which will be used to underpin your original, detailed analysis of your chosen text.

Please note:-

A. the media text should be published or released on or after 1st January 2011. The media text should NOT be an advert, a promotional poster, jingle or video, a painting or a solo photographic image.

b. You are expected to demonstrate close engagement with and original analysis of your primary text. You are also expected to demonstrate extensive background reading of the relevant media theory texts. The Internet is not an appropriate research source for this assignment. Please do not cite websites in your references!

C) Develop a reflective learning journal in which explore and develop your understanding of the theoretical/critical approaches discussed in this unit.

Your reflective learning journal should comprise of at least two dated entries per week, in which you critiqued the ideas explored in each of the lecture and workshop sessions. For example, there should be entries on introduction to media theory, mass communications theories, semiotics, formalism, Marxism and ideology, structuralism and post-structuralism, psychoanalysis of the media, feminism, post-colonialism – as well as other ideas that are explored in the unit.

Your reflective learning journal should also critique your own reading, undertaken outside of the classroom sessions. You are expected to document the relevant books and article that you have read during the week, and to demonstrate your understanding of the key issues by providing critical commentary of these texts. The entries in your reflective learning journal will be supported by references and quotes from these key texts.


– you will find the first assignment as a attached file.
– This is the feedback about my 1st assignment from my lecturer:
Provisional Grade C- Comments An interesting topic. The use of feminist theory needs a little more focus ? feminism is a broad field, with a range of theoretical perspectives, some of which conflict (for example, some feminists are in favour of censorship and some are against). The analysis of TED is so far rather undeveloped. I suggest you focus on the top pages, the menu and the immediate links and ask yourself, if you were seeing TED for the first time, what impression it would make.

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