Who am I as a Psychologist As you continue your educational journey Custom Essay

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Reflection Paper #1. Who am I as a Psychologist? As you continue your educational journey, it is important to reflect on who you are as a professional and what it is you are working toward. For this assignment, you are to type a 2-4 page paper addressing the following questions:
a. What are your reasons for becoming a psychologist?
b. What are your professional goals?
c. What type of clients do you wish to work with? Why?
d. What type of clients do you prefer not to work with? Why?
e. What counter-transference issues might you experience as a psychologist? How will you handle these issues when they emerge?
f. What qualities do you have that will make you an effective psychologist?
g. How will you handle stress in order to reduce/prevent burnout?

All written work is expected to meet the following minimum standards:
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