whole tourism system (WTS) Essay

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The objective of this assignment is for you to demonstrate that you can critically think
about the practical functions of a particular whole tourism system (WTS) and relate
this ‘thinking’ to theories that you have been introduced to in this unit.).
1. Your essay should introduce and explain whole tourism systems theory (500 words).
2. Your essay should then identify one whole tourism system (WTS) that you are familiar with or have recently visited. An example would be Brisbane (TGR), Singapore (TR) and London (TDR). This selected WTS will be used as a basis for you to contrast relevant theories introduced in the unit to practice (100 words).
3. The body of your essay then needs to be written around an argument that considers and critically discusses your selected WTS in contrast to the following criteria and tourism theories studied in this unit (1400 words): ‚‚ identify and explain what factors make the TDR attractive to visitors (ensure that you link your discussion to theories about destination attractiveness and tourism motivations theories) identify and explain the main visitor markets that visit the TDR in your selected WTS (support your discussion with relevant visitation statistics) 16 SOY00411 – Tourism Theories and Practices identify and explain the environmental impacts of tourism to the three elements of your selected WTS (TGR, TR and TDR) (ensure that you link your discussion to theories about economic impacts of tourism)
‚‚ explain the significance of the transport sector OR events sector to your selected WTS conclude your essay with an overview of the main findings of the critical review of the WTS you selected to analyse.
4. You are required to use at least six tourism academic reference sources, i.e. academic books and/or academic articles published in academic journals to contrast your TDR to that of the theory. You can use your text and Readings, but these are in addition to the six academic sources.
5. Include a reference list which conforms to the style described in the Summers and
Smith (2006) reading.
6. TurnItIn – attach a copy of your Turn-it-In Orginality Report for this assignment and provide a 100-word explanation of how you have overcome any possible referencing issues.
7. Note: Given the upper limit for the essay’s length (2000 words) and given the potential in the subject, your essay cannot go into great detail about all aspects of the selected WTS. Part of the art in constructing your essay will be to get a good ratio of word length for the various aspects you choose to discuss.
8. You should not approach the management or staff of tourism and hospitality organisations involved in your WTS that you have selected to observe for this assessment. This assessment requires you to personally observe the WTS and relate to theories introduced in this unit.
Refer to Academic Skills Guides that will be put on the Blackboard site for this unit.
Marking criteria
Essay structure
• Logical discussion and argument 3 marks
• Clarity of expression 2 marks
Essay content
• Introductory overview of the TDR 5 marks
• Critical discussion of the WTS to relevant tourism theories 30 marks
• Relevance of academic references selected 6 marks
• Correct referencing within body of essay 2 marks
• Correct referencing style for reference list 2 marks
Total 50 marks

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