Why should prostitution be a crime? Analyse this issue in light of the three main theories on when behaviour should be regarded as criminal (moral wrongness, individual autonomy and community welfare) Academic Essay

Also argue in consideration of the main arguments found in the following two articles:Amanda Foong, The prostitution debate: breaking down barriers (2008) 33 (4) Alternative Law Journal 205 (argues in favour of criminalisation); found at the following link:https://search-informit-com-au.ezproxy.scu.edu.au/fullText;dn=20093069;res=AGISPTANDThomas Crofts and Tracey Summerfield, Red light on sex work in Western Australia (2008) 33 (4) Alternative Law Journal 209 (argues against criminalisation); found at the following link:https://search-informit-com-au.ezproxy.scu.edu.au/fullText;dn=20093070;res=AGISPT

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