Why Switzerland beats the other countries for the expansion of Jack wills Custom Essay

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Structure of the report
Must be well organised and logical
Should be clear and easy to follow
Use headings and subheadings

Presentation is key
Should look professional
Good layout
Accurate spelling and grammar
Use of numbered sections

Reinforce text with tables and graphs.
It is important to reinforce key information in the text with tables and graphs,
Don’t just put them all in the appendix. I will upload 2 things to help you write the International marketing report. one of them is the presentation that we did on this subject. There are 4 countries, Italy, Belgium, poland and Switzerland. According to our research Jack wills company should expand to switzerland rather than the other 3 countries. the presentation is 29 slides long so its very helpful. The other thing is the outline of the marketing report which will guide you how to shape the report. In the end we chose Switzerland, and you will see why in the presentation. if you have any questions please send me a message so we can discuss.

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