windmills and environment Custom Essay

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A debate about windmills/environment(pages 444-452) Read the two essay carefully and critically, noting how they are similar and how they differ. write a well-developed, 4 page paper analyzing the ways in which the two writer argue their positions. discuss in your paper the following: audience, writing style/strategies. use of evidence. which of the two essay is more convincing/persuasive to you? why? Be sure to include well-chosen quotes from both essay and format your quotes using the MLA style. your paper should not focus on your opinions on the controversy; you need to analyze and evaluate the two writers’arguments. I will upload the pictures of those two essay. please make sure those pictures you can see and read clean. if not, please send e-mail contact me. please make sure to read all two essay before to write this essay. be sure to find well-chose quotes from both essay£¬and Evidence. thank you!!

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