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Final Project Outline

I. Choose one scene from one of the following plays: The Children?s Hour by Lillian Hellman, A Raisin in the Sun by Lorraine Hansberry, or The Sisters Rosensweig by Wendy Wasserstein.

II. Using specific sections of dialogue as examples for your answers below, prepare a director?s analysis of this scene. Remember, your main job as director is to guide the cast toward expressing the truth in the play.

a. Which scene have you chosen? Why is this scene important to the play? Cite page numbers.

b. Who are the principal characters in this scene? What are the characters? objectives (according to Catron?s The Directorial Vision, her/his ?compelling motivation to take action to achieve a goal?)? What are the characters? goals (what she/he wants to do)? And who attempts to prevent the characters from achieving this/these goal(s)?

c. What is the conflict in this scene? Remember, a conflict is a disagreement over a principle or idea and has opposing sides. Which characters are involved in this conflict and why? What is each character?s opposing viewpoint to this conflict? How does the conflict develop throughout the scene?

d. What are the primary emotions at the core of this scene? What choices will the character(s) face and how will the actor(s) make the most effective emotional connection with the audience?

e. What kind of entertainment did the playwright intend to have this scene provide? In Catron?s words, will it ?inspire, exhort, lecture, amuse, satirize [or] decry??

f. How would you, as director, realize the playwright?s intentions? In other words, what specific directions would you give the actors to make the essence of the scene most clear to the audience?

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