women outside of the labour force Custom Essay

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Economics/Women’s Studies 381
Women, Economics and the Economy
Research Assignment 1
Due Date: End of May
Length: 5 or 6 pages of text, plus any relevant charts, tables, diagrams
Topic: For this assignment I would like you to research a topic relevant to the experience of women outside of the labour force. Depending on your interests, you can submit a more straightforward statistical research paper that illustrates a situation or phenomenon, a more critical examination of the way economics approaches a topic, or a discussion of a policy relevant to some problematic element of women’s experience outside the workforce. In each case, it should involve something along the lines we are looking at in this section of the course.
I want you to begin by explaining your topic (with some analysis or reference to theory), then present the data or arguments you are using, and explain or show how the data might enlighten us or where your arguments might take us.
If you choose a statistical paper, if possible I’d like you to use more than one source of data. I would also like to see sources that are at most a decade old (say anything published after 2000) – the data can be from an earlier period, but the presentation should be more recent.
Sources: One source you should certainly consult for statistical data is the Stats Can publication Perspectives on Labour and Income (in with the government documents in the library, or partly accessible online). They also publish Social Trends, which might be even more useful, as could some of the profile material in with the Census. You are free of course to look beyond these.

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