Working at McDonald’s

Write a reading reaction entry to Working at McDonald’s by Amitai Etzioni. Be sure to introduce the reading by author and title and give a brief summary of the essay. Then write a paragraph analyzing and evaluating how Etzioni presents the issue. Reread paragraphs 1-7, highlighting the qualities — values and skills — associated with traditional jobs (the newspaper route and lemonade stand of yesteryear) and with today’s McDonald’s-type jobs, at least according to Etzioni. How does Etzioni use these values and skills to lead parents to reconsider their assumption that McDonald’s-type jobs are good for their kids? *** Journal Rules: Entry indicates author’s name, Entry indicates title of the reading in quotation marks, Entry offers a brief summary that demonstrates understanding of the message of the reading, Entry answers questions that were posed or offers insight and Entry is a minimum of 200 words.

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