World Literature Essay: Sunflower by Simon Wiesenthal Essay

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The Sunflower Essay Instructions

Your assignment is to write a five or six paragraph essay about The Sunflower by Simon Wiesenthal.

1. Start your essay with a paragraph that includes a summary of the plot of the story from the first part of the book. End this paragraph with a claim about whether horrendous crimes should be forgotten and forgiven. An example of a claim might be:

Even when people commit horrendous acts against their fellow human beings, they should be forgiven so that harmony can be restored for the future generations.

2. The rest of the essay should support this claim. Start each body paragraph with a topic sentence of your own wording and then find evidence (quotes) from the book to support that topic sentence. Finish each paragraph by discussing why the quote you have chosen supports the topic sentence of the paragraph.

Topic sentences for the above claim might include:

a. The anger and hatred that is generated by such acts is destructive and may lead to further violence.

b. When anger and hatred are present among peoples, positive communication is thwarted.

c. Only when anger and hatred are soothed and eliminated can progress be made toward cooperation and peace.

3. After you have written three or four body paragraphs that support your claim, write a conclusion that comments on your claim. Do not merely summarize in your conclusion. Connect your thesis statement to something that is relevant in today’s world.

Outline of Essay on The Sunflower (one page) “I will give you the blank outline”

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