Would you argue that we are currently living in a ‘postcolonial era’ in Australia? If so, why? If not, why not? custom essay

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– evidence that there is both depth and breadth of reading in the course of developing the essay’s argument(s)
– evidence that the student has undertaken independent research and reading related to the selected topic beyond the essential and
further readings set for each week of the subject
– evidence that the essay has a clear, logical and coherent structure and is written clearly and concisely
– evidence that quotations from relevant sources and other supporting/illustrative material is appropriately integrated and referenced
within the body of the essay
– evidence that the student has taken as original as possible an approach to the essay topic, and that their thinking and writing
reflects a full engagement with the topic, its focus and its complexities
– formal referencing and formatting in Harvard style referencing. Please only use primary sources (that is books, journals, e-books, articles etc) no essays or websites (unless a book etc is accessed from a website).

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