Writer’s choice -Annotated bibliography.

Paper title/Topic/Questions/Issues: One page minimum (double-spaced) that provides your title, goes over the scope of your paper, research questions that will be explored any other relevant detail. An annotated bibliography that includes at least eight academic sources consulted in relation to your research. Each source should include an annotation (a few sentences or a paragraph) which provides a concise summary of each source and an assessment of its value/relevance to your research topic. If appropriate to your paper/topic choice, a two-three of your eight academic sources can be drawn from the required class readings. Additional non-academic sources are also encouraged and should be used and referenced in your bibliography. Please keep in mind that this annotated bibliography is the initial stage of your final research project. Including your abstract and eight academic annotated citations your assignment should be approximately eight pages double-spaced. A few points to keep in mind o An academic source is a source which has passed through a peer review process; prior to being approved for publishing it has been closely read by experts in the field. o The Internet: Verify that web-based sources follow academic source guidelines before using them in academic assignments. o Bibliography should be in alphabetical order. o Citations should include all necessary details and follow a specific style throughout (MLA, Harvard, Chicago, etc.)

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